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1. Abi hears some shocking news
As Kevin and Debbie remain trapped in the Bistro fridge thanks to Ray, oblivious Abi carries on as normal. She believes that Kevin has been away on a camping trip with Jack, so hasn’t questioned his disappearance.
Later on, Abi finally receives word that Kevin didn’t turn up at Jack’s camp. It dawns on her that Kevin has disappeared and could be in trouble.
2. Abi makes an intriguing discovery
During a visit to the Bistro, Abi doesn’t realise that Kevin and Debbie are trapped inside the fridge.
One thing Abi does find is a signed contract on the kitchen floor, confirming that Ray has signed his businesses over to Debbie. This adds a new layer of intrigue to the Websters’ disappearance.
3. Ray lies to the police
When the police look into the Kevin and Debbie mystery, Ray is unsurprisingly the first person to be questioned.
Ray keeps quiet about his recent showdown with the siblings and makes out that they must have done a runner with his money. With little evidence to go on, the police are forced to let him go.
Meanwhile, even Abi starts to consider the possibility that Debbie and Kevin fled together after Ray signed everything over.
4. Kevin and Debbie’s condition starts to deteriorate
The time alone gives Kevin and Debbie time to talk as they reflect on their childhood, but it’s not long before the cold temperature of the fridge begins to take its toll.
Kevin tries to keep them both moving and urges Debbie to stay awake, but with hypothermia setting in, it’s clear that they may not have long left unless they’re found soon.
5. Abi and Faye come to the rescue
The Webster siblings avoid a shivery end when Abi and Faye pay another visit to the Bistro to look for clues on the business’s computer. They hear noises coming from inside the fridge, which leads to Abi forcing her way inside to investigate.
When Abi and Faye find the Websters inside, they’re horrified and immediately call an ambulance.
6. Ray tries to make his getaway
After being released by the police, Ray is met at the station by his accountant Miles, who hands him his passport and flight details. However, soon afterwards, a weak Kevin manages to get the message across that Ray was responsible for trapping him and Debbie in the fridge.
Craig calls this in as a case of attempted murder and the police start trying to track Ray down again. As Ray smugly waits in the airport lounge for his flight to Turkey, will the law catch up with him or will he make his escape abroad?
7. Abi proposes
At the hospital, Abi is overwhelmed as it dawns on her that she came very close to losing Kevin. She makes the spontaneous decision to propose at his hospital bedside and Kevin delightedly accepts.
Once Kevin is discharged from hospital later in the week, Abi and Kevin share the happy news of their engagement and are congratulated by Seb.
8. Tyrone suffers a health scare
Tyrone and Fiz bicker following the news that Gary is expecting a repayment of £600 to compensate for a robbery at the furniture shop that happened on their watch. However, the argument leads to a bigger drama when Tyrone suddenly clutches his chest in agony and has to be rushed to hospital.
Tyrone feels sheepish when it’s later confirmed that he was suffering from heartburn rather than a heart attack, but he still takes this as a wake-up call to make some lifestyle changes. He decides to attend a yoga class, despite teasing from Fiz and Evelyn about his choice of exercise.
9. Todd cons Billy
Todd is supportive when Billy explains that he’d like to improve disabled access at the local church. He suggests that Billy should sell the church pews and replace them with folding chairs, creating greater flexibility with the space.
Once Billy has approval for the idea, Todd reveals that he has found a buyer who’s willing to pay £6,000 for the pews. Billy is delighted, unaware that the buyer is actually offering £7,500 and sneaky Todd is pocketing some of the money for himself.
10. Paul quits Underworld
Paul is upset when he sees Billy and Todd looking cosy together at the café. It seems that it may only be a matter of time before Billy and Todd get back together.
Paul surprises Todd by revealing that he’ll be quitting Underworld as he can’t bear to work with him under the circumstances. However, this soon backfires when Paul can’t afford to take Summer out on a planned trip to town.
Ed gives Paul food for thought by revealing that he has secured the contract to turn the archdeacon’s house into a halfway house. Will Paul agree to be a labourer, even though this is Billy’s project?
11. Johnny receives his diagnosis
At the jail, Johnny continues to see visions of things that aren’t really there. A trip to the prison psychiatrist reveals that he is experiencing Charles Bonnet syndrome, which occurs when people with deteriorating eyesight begin to have hallucinations.
Johnny is told that his condition is physical rather than mental and should clear up as his MS symptoms begin to ease.
Johnny passes the news onto Jenny when she visits him in jail, but he admits that part of him doesn’t want to lose the hallucinations because it’s comforting to see his late son Aidan again.
12. Simon confronts Leanne over Crystal Moon
Leanne continues to pay a premium rate for phone consultations with Crystal Moon, a psychic who claims to be in contact with Oliver.
Simon discovers the truth when he checks Leanne’s phone records and discovers that she’s wasting money with the constant calls. How will Leanne react when Simon points out that she’s being conned?
13. Leanne turns violent with Simon
Leanne continues to obsess over the white feathers that she keeps finding around the flat, convinced that they’re signs from Oliver. 
Her fragile state of mind is exposed when she drops one of the feathers in the street and chases after it, nearly getting run over by Mary.
Later, Leanne is shocked when Brian tells her that Simon has left a ripped pillow in a recycling bin. She realises that Simon has been fooling her with the feathers to make her feel better, but crosses the line in response by slapping him in a moment of rage.
14. Ronnie Bailey arrives in Weatherfield
Ed is pleased when he receives a call from his brother Ronnie, who’s planning to pay a visit to Weatherfield. Aggie is clearly not so happy, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Grace.
Later in the week, Ronnie arrives in an expensive sports car and is warmly welcomed by Ed and Michael. However, Aggie remains in an uneasy mood, telling Grace that Ronnie always seems to lead Ed into trouble.
Unfortunately for Aggie, she’ll be seeing a lot more of Ronnie as he reveals that he’s considering moving to the area.
15. Peter returns
Peter returns home to Number 1 following his detox at the hospital and is hoping that he has managed to turn a corner with his alcoholism.
Steve insists on keeping a close eye on Peter now that he’s back, but Peter quickly gets frustrated over the idea that he needs a babysitter.
Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.


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