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3 things you should do to your wife every night, if you want her to love you more



Telling a woman that you love her is not what marriage is all about.

You must be ready to prove that love to her, by doing some certain things. In so doing, she’ll also love you even more.

Below are 3 things you should do to your wife at night, if you want her to love you more:
1. At night, as a man, you don’t have to over sleep. You should always try to wake up at night and check up on your wife. Incase if it’s cold, you should cover her body with a blanket. In so doing, you’ve shown your care and love to her.
2. At night, please don’t fail to tell your woman how she’s been a blessing to your life. It is necessary to do this at night because then, both of you should have retired from the day’s activities and now have time to reflect on issues. Use this opportunity to appreciate her.
3. Lastly, at night, don’t fail to atleast cuddle your wife. Sometimes, women need to be treated like babies. As her husband, hold her and treat her like a baby.
If as a man you can do these 3 things at night, then your wife will have no reason but to love you more.
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